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Haven't posted a lot because I'm busy building a fence with every spare minute of time. I'll have some pics up as soon as I can re-locate my camera downloader thingie.

This is the biggest fence I've ever built. I decided to go 5' this time instead of 4', because I wanted some extra protection in case a future dog turns out to be a jumper. I understand that 6' is really the best anti-jumper solution, but it seems to me that once the fence is above eye level, it starts feeling like a prison fence. At that point, might as well start stringing the razor wire in big loops along the top.

It's also the biggest fence in terms of area. I currently estimate it at just shy of an acre, about 40,000 square feet (160 x 250). I'm not sure about the long dimension, but it's probably fairly close. I'll find out when I do that back side. To save money, the back side will be done in welded wire on T-posts, up against an existing farm fence. It'll be a bit of a job, with clearing some underbrush and a few scrub trees, but it'll be worth it in the end, I think.

Anyway, today I feel like raw hamburger. I seriously need another 4 hours of sleep. I guess I'll do that on vacation, since I'm down to a week and a half before this fence has to be complete.