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Original Post:

After building the newest Casa de Perros, I knew the dogs would like it even more than the old one. After all, they'd gone from 64 square feet to 204, kept their air conditioning, and had a nice concrete floor now to boot. But something still seemed missing... As over the top as the whole project was, I felt I could still kick it up a notch.

The answer came to me when friends Eric and Chris called to ask if they could borrow Richard the Deep Breather. Like many folks in their early twenties, their furniture was a series of hand-me-downs and garage sale items, and they'd just gotten the latest iteration from their parents. Their old threadbare couches needed to go to the dump.

As I helped load the furniture onto my trailer, I thought, "this is it! This is what's missing from the doghouse! They clearly need furniture!"


So we hauled the living room set, with its holes in the upholstery, off to "the ranch", and unloaded it right into La Casa de Perros. Then I called the dogs in and coaxed them up onto their new couches, so they'd know it was allowed (much cursing and yelling ensues if they do such things inside the house).

After a couple of days, it was clear that the dogs would destroy this furniture rather quickly with muddy paws and other tracked-in debris, so I stopped at the local Atwood's and picked up a couple of heavy canvas tarps. The result:

Canvas tarps don't make much of a slipcover that the folks on HGTV would approve, but Zoe doesn't seem to mind:

For my next trick, I wonder what else they need... TV? Pool table? A wet bar?